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Michael Campagna had the pleasure of meeting Tucker Stilley years ago when Tucker helped Michael to navigate the digital Universe. They instantly shared their love of Avant-Garde music and art, and discovered they we were both exploring sound and light and the emotions it created. Tucker’s took a very inward turn and Michael’s outward.


In 2017, Campagna went to Tucker’s solo exhibit at the Keystone gallery in Los Angeles and was struck but how similar they saw color and form. Michael was inspired and talked to Tucker about some of his artistic tools. And then, despite the devastation, the pandemic brought Michael more creative time and the two artists began sharing images with each other. Both musicians, composing brought a sensitivity to vibrating light. Michael became fascinated with the idea of capturing light waves with a goal to portray the aura and

vibe. Meanwhile, Tucker worked on his theory that what people naturally react to in art is the presence of buried meaning. It may be close to the surface, or it could be far below, depending on the level of abstraction in the piece, but it’s presence below the surface is what gives the piece a sense of mysterious value that may not even have a conscious place in the mind of the individual audience member.


Now SPARC Gallery has brought these two artists together to exhibit their recent art. Tucker’s work, mostly printed on aluminum and all created with using only his eyes as the cursor, finds the line between tech and spirit. Like Tucker’s own ALS ravaged body, images altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form. And Michael’s work, stunningly printed on paper, manipulating photographs with hand drawn embellishments to capture things in the Universe that may be missed by the mundane eye, things that are unseen and seen.


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