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About Us

SPARC's basic belief is that the arts:

  • Spark Creativity and Innovation

  • Invigorate the economy and local business, and

  • Lead to higher social and health benefits. 


SPARC develops programs, creates projects and collaborates with other organizations in the community to produce cultural events including, but not limited to:

  • Visual, Performing, Literary and Media Arts;

  • Interactive Participation Projects, and Public Art.

  • Advocacy for the arts and arts education in the South Pasadena Unified School District and community.


SPARC is open to people in all the creative fields, art appreciators, art patrons, educators, and those who want to help the arts thrive in South Pasadena and neighboring communities.


  • Engaging the public, making the arts approachable and relevant

  • Exemplifying professionalism and ethics

  • Empowering and supporting artists

  • Collaborating for transformative impacts


South Pasadena is a Crossroads for Creativity


Enrich South Pasadena communities with creative and innovative experiences through the arts.
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